List your Location

Spaces n Places is a location sourcing and management company representing an array of properties and unique spaces. The properties are primarily booked by brands, media and creative agencies for photography, film, events and television.

We pride ourselves on our professionalism and location management for both our owners and the industry representatives hiring the location. We manage the entire process from start to finish ensuring your property is well cared for and the shoot runs as smoothly as possible. Listing a location with Spaces n Places can be financially rewarding. Properties are booked on a per day/weekly basis or for longer periods agreed upon by the owner.

Every shoot is different, and usually the ‘creative agency/representative’ requires quick responses in order to progress the booking. At that point it’s important we have all your relevant details for us to discuss the job with you and to ensure you are happy to proceed.

‘Creative agencies/representatives’ will usually want to view the location before confirming a shoot. In that instance you will be required to show the ‘creative agency/representative’ through your location and answer any questions they may have about access, facilities, internet, toilets, etc. Crews may also ask to move items around or dress the space with their own props. It is their responsibility to return the location to the condition in which they found it.

For accurate account management of your ‘space’ or ‘place’ please complete the form below. By submitting this form you agree to the Spaces n Places ‘Terms of Service’. If at any point in the listing process you require assistance, please call Jules Davenport on 0414 659 639 or email