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Our clients include brands, media and creative agencies for photography, film, events and television.

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Here are some things to consider which creatives are interested in when looking for locations for their projects.

  • Locations within 30kms of the CBD are great for time management with crews and talent.
  • Regional/Rural destinations allow for greater storytelling opportunities.
  • The architectural style and design of locations offer something different and unique.
  • Interior designed and styled locations suit creatives where it minimises additional props required.
  • Locations that have minimalistic appeal are good as creatives can bring in their own props to bring the story to life.
  • Having access to multiple areas inside and out allows for greater content to be captured on the day.
  • Retro to modern, rural and rustic, bushland views to brick walls or skate parks all offer unique storytelling opportunities.
  • A monochrome palette and on trend colour hues are impactful and always considered when choosing the right location.
  • Natural light is always a benefit for creatives.
  • Street width and parking is a consideration for crew access.